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Do you like irony? Here’s a good dose of it. Our institutions of higher education offer free education to highly touted recruits to play football. That’s the equivalent of giving someone a fishing pole at a lake as it slowly drains.

The players sustain head (brain) injuries that often lead to headaches, loss of memory, and down the road dementia. But it’s a tradition, and people get so much joy from watching the games. Plus, the players are compensated by their education.

HA! That’s a joke.

Traditions mean nothing. Slavery was tradition. Then, eventually, we ended the practice. After some time, we could look back and realize how cruel our society was/is.

But, all the alumni love the football games. That’s wonderful and all. But you cannot subject 17 year old boys to play a sport that negatively affects his life down the road for your enjoyment today.

While players are not paid, the coaches are paid quite handsomely. In fact, across the nation, with a few exceptions, the highest paid state employees are either the basketball or football coach.

You may have seen that American scores in math and science have been slipping. Why might this be? Is it our lazy kids or poor education system? Or could it be our colleges making a priority out of being a major source of sports entertainment?

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