Pledging Your Allegiance

We probably all remember those days in school early in the morning having to stand with your hand over heart and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Did you ever stop and ask why we were doing this?

Francis Bellamy (a socialist, which I found surprising) wrote it in 1892 in order to instill national pride for flag day celebrating the 400th anniversary of Columbus reaching America.

After the Civil War, I can understand that there might be a lack of nationalism and an argument for having school children think about their country, government, and nation.

However, do we really need to be subjecting our kids to this daily recitation?

Kids have no say in where they are born. They have very little life experience and have not considered pledging their allegiance to the American or any other flag or government. The pledge instills a natural trust in the flag and all government agencies that it represents. That trust is exactly what we don’t need in a free society where the public should openly debate issues and question everything.

Any nation that had its youth stand daily with their hand over their heart to recite the pledge would be in the wrong. It’s only marginally better than the Hitler Oath where allegiance and obedience was pledged to Hitler himself.

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