Failing is an option on Ted radio

I listened to this on the way home to Memphis. It deals with people discussing how they have failed or deal with failures.

Astro Teller for google says something I found important. He says something along the lines of “we fail only when we realize that our current direction is flawed or fruitless and don’t change course. Everything we do after realizing we are going in the wrong direction adds to our shame. Change may feel like failure at the time but everything you did up to that point lead to the realization and can be thought of as learning”.

Tim Harford had a great point. We hate the feeling of failure worse than the actual loss. He advocates trial and error as a way of life as opposed to having a god complex feeling like we should have the answers for everything. It seems obvious, but it is difficult to show vulnerability in our world.

Casey Gerald talked about how he learned to question his beliefs. I was skeptical of him early on, but he was awesome. He talked about the gospel of doubt where it’s okay to believe in things as long as we have an inkling of doubt as to whether this is “correct” belief. Believe in whatever, but recognize that it’s okay to not believe.

The one that hit me the hardest is the last one. It nearly brought me to tears. Lidia Yuknavitch talks about never living up to the narratives of success. She failed at marriage, having a baby, and even being a writer. She came to realize that each failure was like a portal to a new identity she had to create and it was up to her to tell the story that only she could tell. She says it much better, but that’s the gist from the top of my head. Listen to it. Your life will be better.








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