The time I tripped in Wynne, AR along with some good trippy movie suggestions

I have had periods, or stretches of months to even years, where my life was rudderless I suppose.  In these times, I was a loner and never had much going on. I figured tripping mushrooms might help me find my calling.  Not knowing anyone who might possibly have some, I researched online and through trial and error learned how to grow psilocybin mushrooms. I have sort of an addictive personality and decided if I was going to grow them I would grow them in bulk.  I succeeded, but soon I had more shrooms than I could deal with.

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I decided that I would try and sell some by grinding them up and putting them in melted chocolate that would harden. I fucked up though and instead of white chocolate I had purchased something more along the lines of candle wax. I didn’t figure it out till I had already ground up 50g of mushrooms and deposited them into about 75 chocolate/wax candies.  They tasted like shit, and I could not in my right mind attempt to sell them. Not only was the taste bland but there were chunks of mushrooms that never ground up too well that made the texture a bit off.

Well it was 4th of July, and I’m not the rah rah country type. I decided I’d travel to Wynne, Arkansas and trip with some people that I had never met. I know it sounds crazy, and I’m not proud that I was at a place in my life where this sounded like a good idea. That being said there is something adventurous and intriguing about meeting new people who live different lives than I do in Memphis.

I brought some mushrooms along with the wax ones. I drove to Wynne and found the address which was a house that had no running water.  It was the house of an uncle who was never around, and this girl’s parents lived next door.  This was kind of the place to hang and chill. They had television and an xbox360 which was perfect. When first meeting people, there is always an awkward feeling out of one another to make sure all is on the up and up. This was no different. Once we felt all right, we ate some.

So we started tripping and as it got dark, 3 or 4 local guys in their young 20s came in with no shirts on came inside. I remember thinking that this could take a turn for the worse. They sat down, and we all talked for a while. I offered them the bag of waxy shrooms for free. I told them they were nasty, and I wasn’t going to sell them. They jumped at the opportunity and attested to the unpleasant taste and texture. The guys finished the whole bag by the end of the night. While we were all tripping, I figured I would put some movies on that might be stimulating.

The first movie was Tree of Life with the universe/evolution scene. That kind of got us thinking about how Arkansas used to be under water at one point and was complete wilderness for a while. Then I think I may have shown them some bits of A Scanner Darkly and possibly Waking Life. I would not recommend A Scanner Darkly for anyone tripping as it is somewhat dark and filled with paranoia. I added some additional movies to check out that I would play if I were in the position again.

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As they left, one of them suggested that they go shoot guns as it was 4th of July and everything would blend in with the fireworks. I pleaded with them that they refrain from any firearm use that night. I hope they did.


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