the CIA cannot play nice with Russia

The establishment cannot handle a foreign policy where Russia is not viewed with hostility. The proof that Russia hacked the DNC is simply not there, but that has not stopped news outlets from reporting that the Russians were behind leaked DNC documents which some think caused Hillary Clinton to lose the election. Instead, reports (here and here) that a disgruntled DNC worker stole the documents and delivered them to Wikileaks does not fit the media/CIA’s story, so they have been ignored. In addition, DNC employee Seth Rich was gunned down early in the morning in Washington D.C.. Wikileaks has offered $20,000 for info leading to an arrest but have not said that he leaked the documents. Makes one think….perhaps Hillary losing wasn’t so bad if this is how problems are handled.

If Trump is correct in his suggestion that the intelligence community leaked the dossier, it would support arguments that the CIA is attempting to undermine his Presidency from the beginning by forcing his hand concerning America’s relationship with Russia. If Americans think that Russia has dirty info regarding Trump that makes him vulnerable to blackmail, Trump cannot cozy up to Russia as much as he might like without appearing like a compromised President.  If Americans feel that Russia is controlling Trump and that they helped him steal the election, Trump may take a hard line against Russia to appease the people and prove he is not a puppet. That  is exactly what the CIA wants it would seem. The media in this country is worse than any state run media.

Taking the release of the dossier (which Trump blamed on the intelligence community), the blaming of Russia for the DNC hack, and the assassination of Russian ambassador to Turkey, a picture emerges of an agency hell bent on creating conflicts with Russia.




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