Conservatives reveal stupidity in coverage of Budweiser Super Bowl Ad

I happened to see a trending story from a website called which had an article talking about Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad that has a pro-immigrant stance. How dare they have such a stance!

I could barely get the site to load they have so much click bait loading on it, but here is the text.

Throughout the election, Donald Trump promised that if he became president he would do everything in his power to “make America safe again.” Following President Trump’s temporary ban to keep un-vetted people out of our country, the left has been blasting the move as “racist” and “bigoted,” with Hollywood celebrities and left-leaning companies speaking out. Now one of America’s favorite beer companies, Budweiser, is jumping on the libtard bandwagon, by releasing a disgusting Super Bowl commercial where they take a vile jab at our president. But unfortunately for them, Americans aren’t having it. And in less than 24 hours after their commercial began to air, karma began to smack them right between the eyes.

In the 1-minute the ad they try to ridiculously compare Americans turning away unvetted migrants from the Middle East to the treatment of the company’s co-founder Adolphus Busch when he came to America, by focusing on the fact that he was an immigrant. The ad starts off with an actor who plays Busch being told “You’re not wanted here! Go back home!”

The left has truly lost their freaking minds. There is absolutely no comparison between original immigrants to America, and the people from terror-ridden hotbeds demanding entry into our country, many of them who are ISIS terrorists. Hilariously after the commercial began to circulate, Budweiser began to panic, as their stocks began to nose dive overnight.

I generally try to refrain from titles such as the one for this post because it comes off as mean spirited and elitist. However, with the tone that the above article takes in making its case, I have opted to go mean-spirited for this post.

So, the author sets up by saying Trump promised all these great reforms, including a temporary ban on (mostly Muslim) people from 7 specific countries in the Middle East. Trump wins and keeps his word. Now the weak liberals are crying and throwing fits. Even Budweiser is jumping into the fray. I love the use of the word “libtard” here. Combining liberal with retard does not make it less offensive. The author describes the commercial as a vile jab at our president. Big badass American isn’t going to have it though. Budweiser has to deal with the wrath of conservatives now!

He then describes the ad and suggests that it compares Trump’s temporary ban on Muslims to the emigration of Adolphus Busch to America. No where is there a Muslim in the commercial. The one part of the commercial has Americans saying “You’re not wanted here. Go back home.” I guess some things in America never change.

He then says that even trying to compare immigrants from different times and countries is ludicrous. The present immigrants are littered with terrorists who are coming to harm us! No real proof, just assumptions. Then the best part of it all that made it all worthwhile. When I saw the headline and started reading, I began thinking how I should buy Budweiser if conservatives are that organized to initiate a boycott the very night the ad was released. Then I saw the nose dive in stock prices the author interprets as a real blow to the company.

If you look in the bottom left corner of the picture, it says the stock opened at $104.10. At some point, it reached $104.46 so it actually went up. At its lowest, the stock plummeted nearly 30 cents from its opening price. Not that big of a swing to burst the conservatives’ bubble. It seems the author rushed to judgment here concerning Budweiser’s stock price being the result of conservatives letting the beer company know how they feel about Trump. In big red numbers, it says this was not even a full percentage loss. After hours, the stock actually goes up.

This is the stupidity we are up against. The author looks at the 5 day stock price. Pays no attention to the scaling and writes an article acting like Budweiser is eating shit for the commercial. In reality, their stock price has held steady and has generally been trending higher. By looking solely at the graph, it is understandable to misinterpret the data. What is not understandable is to use that misinterpretation as the evidence to rally more conservatives around boycotting the beer.

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