About Me


Hi! I’m Andrew Hoff. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m 31. I live in Oxford, MS and am finishing a masters in sociology. What you find on this site are usually some school notes interspersed with recent musings or links to stories that I feel worthy of anyone’s time.

I am not successful by societal standards, and I think that my lack of success has  helped me discover things about me and the world that I wouldn’t have recognized otherwise. You don’t tend to question things if you never have to compromise. I found that the rules that I used to guide my actions in life were not necessarily the “correct” ones but had lead me to where I found myself. For instance, growing up as a heterosexual male meant to be successful was to wed a beautiful woman, have a family, and be able to provide for them.  While that is still probably the mold that boys see as the ideal, it can be rough when you reach my age and haven’t lived up. So this blog is sort of a place I see myself figuring out the world ever so slightly and hopefully not being too cookie cutter.