We Create Football?

The fact that the NFL has put so much into making their campaign Together We Make Footballshould raise eye brows. It is quite well know that it is the biggest sport in America. It earns enormous sums of money selling the rights to air the games, and we all know how big the Super Bowl is. That being said, the NFL is spending a lot of money to do this campaign that centers around why people love football.


Because they know they have an uphill battle in order to survive. Condaleeza Rice and Rob Lowe have already made commercials, and I’m sure there are more in the pipeline. We will look back fifty years from now as if they were promoting cigarettes. Keep an eye out for the promos. They are laughable when viewed in the context of player concussions.

The NFL is Americas Roman Coliseum.

Also, the NFL is implicating the entire public through these promos. They give the NFL an out in a sense when the public becomes outraged about concussions. They will undoubtedly say, “we all loved it so much that we were blind to the problems.” In that sense, they are bringing the public onto their side and saying how can you blame us when you went along with it too and enjoyed it. They will say, “See what a difference it has made in all these people’s lives, and you want to complain about a few concussions. You can’t blame us. We were just giving the people what they wanted.” I guarantee you something along those lines will come.

In the meantime, the storm clouds are gathering. It’s just a matter of time.

Why the NFL is Fucked

When it becomes increasingly clear that football fucks people up in the head and the public can no longer bury its head in the sand, the game will eventually dwindle to nothing. I’m looking forward to reading league of denial that comes out tonight.

So why’s it going to die?

High schools and colleges cannot and will not endorse putting kids out there knowing the consequences. The tobacco companies survived because kids are rebellious and they still had consumers.

With no players coming up through the ranks, the NFL will whither.