Unfortunately, America has always accepted lies as truth

There's been a lot written about today's social feeds serving as news providers imperiling democracy as people no longer base their opinions on truth but on lies. Unfortunately, America, and societies all over the world, have accepted lies as truth for decades at the very least. I say that with the JFK assassination in mind. [...]

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The major players in the JFK assassination from the CIA and Mafia

Mafia David Ferrie James Files* Sam Giancana Carlos Marcello Charles Nicoletti John Roselli Jack Ruby Jimmy Hoffa Santo Trafficante Jr. CIA Allen Dulles Clay Shaw Cord Meyer David Atlee Phillips** E. Howard Hunt George de Mohrenschildt* James Jesus Angleton Richard Helms William Harvey Robert Maheu David Sanchez Morales Richard Bissell, [...]

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Harry Truman Writes: Limit CIA Role to Intelligence

By Harry S. Truman Copyright, 1963, by Harry S Truman INDEPENDENCE, MO., Dec. 21 I think it has become necessary to take another look at the purpose and operations of our Central Intelligence Agency—CIA. At least, I would like to submit here the original reason why I thought it necessary to organize this Agency during [...]

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Hoffa, Giancana, Kennedy, and Jack Ruby

Sam Giancana was going to help John F. Kennedy against Nixon and so were Giancana’s buddy Frank Sinatra and practically all of Hollywood. Giancana said he was going to fix the election in Illinois so Kennedy would win that state. Jimmy couldn’t believe his ears. Jimmy tried to talk him out of it. Jimmy told [...]

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James Jesus Angleton – the man behind the Kennedy assassination – Quotes from Oswald and the CIA

By Monday 25 November, Oswald was dead and the tapes—along with the voice of the impersonator—had disappeared. The cables from Mexico about Oswald’s visits to the Cuban Consulate were gone too and, along with them, a CIA operation in Mexico involving the alleged assassin of the president. Johnson was now free to head off any [...]

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Why Mary Meyer was murdered

They had killed Jack because he and his ally-in-peace Nikita Khrushchev were steering the world away from the Cold War toward peace, thereby eliminating the military-industrial-intelligence complex’s most treasured weapons— the fear of war, the fear of “Communist takeover,” and the manipulative use of Fear itself. The Cold War was about to end, and with [...]

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James Jesus Angleton – the man behind the Kennedy assassination – Quotes from the Devil’s Chessboard

Angleton’s activities ranged from purloining documents at foreign embassies to opening the mail of American citizens (he once jocularly referred to himself as “the postmaster”) to wiretapping the bedrooms of CIA officials. It was his job to be suspicious of everybody, and he was, keeping a treasure trove of sensitive files and photos in [...]

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