the CIA cannot play nice with Russia

The establishment cannot handle a foreign policy where Russia is not viewed with hostility. The proof that Russia hacked the DNC is simply not there, but that has not stopped news outlets from reporting that the Russians were behind leaked DNC documents which some think caused Hillary Clinton to lose the election. Instead, reports (here [...]

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Unfortunately, America has always accepted lies as truth

There's been a lot written about today's social feeds serving as news providers imperiling democracy as people no longer base their opinions on truth but on lies. Unfortunately, America, and societies all over the world, have accepted lies as truth for decades at the very least. I say that with the JFK assassination in mind. [...]

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Why I appreciate HBO’s West World

I consider West World to be one of the best television series at least through season one. It has nothing really to do with the over arching story. For me, the power of West World lies in what it says about humanity and technology. In a society where almost everyone is self obsessed taking selfies, [...]

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Trump fails with response to Streep’s Golden Globes speech

Donald Trump will begin leading this country in 11 days. Many people, including myself, are uneasy about the future of this country because he seems to totally lack compassion and cannot accept responsibility for his actions. Case in point is his reaction to being criticized by Meryl Streep last night for an episode that occurred [...]

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