Manufactured Landscapes

[av_video src='http://youtu.be/ie5SJ39LsDg' format='16-9' width='16' height='9'] No movie captures the size and magnitude of capitalism and its effects on the world quite like manufactured landscapes. Ed Burtynsky photographs all of the world showing how capitalism has lead to huge changes in the landscapes often to our detriment in our opinion. It's a movie that will open [...]

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Tree of Life

[av_video src='http://youtu.be/WXRYA1dxP_0' format='16-9' width='16' height='9'] Malick views the world "as paradise and paradise lost, caught up in darkness and death but open to redemption through the radiance of unselfish individual action" (Silberman as in Michaels 8). The Tree of Life essentially puts Malicks view of the world on the big screen. Nature is indifferent to us. What [...]

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The Iceman – An In-depth Look at Anti-social and Paranoid Personality Disorder

There are five parts to these video interviews between the Iceman Richard Kuklinski, a mafia hitman and psychiatrist Dr. Park Dietz. These videos really give you a good look at the mind of an individual with antisocial and paranoid personality disorder. Part 1 - Kuklinski talks about how he wanted his victims to [...]

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