Please Enjoy Michael And Martellus Bennett Roasting The Rest Of The NFL NFL = "n*ggers for lease" is an accurate description of the league. It's painful watching what these guys have to do to get ahead in America with no support in retirement.

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Failing is an option on Ted radio

I listened to this on the way home to Memphis. It deals with people discussing how they have failed or deal with failures. Astro Teller for google says something I found important. He says something along the lines of "we fail only when we realize that our current direction is flawed or fruitless and don't [...]

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Manufactured Landscapes

[av_video src='' format='16-9' width='16' height='9'] No movie captures the size and magnitude of capitalism and its effects on the world quite like manufactured landscapes. Ed Burtynsky photographs all of the world showing how capitalism has lead to huge changes in the landscapes often to our detriment in our opinion. It's a movie that will open [...]

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