So You Have Graduated and Are Ready to Work? 

A college education costs exorbitant sums of money unless you go to a school like the University of Memphis. Most students pay these high tuition costs with student loans that will be a burden to them long into their adult life. Sure, you could be a doctor or lawyer or whatever it is you want to be. Most do not choose to go this route. Most people will major in a subject that they thoroughly enjoy and are interested in. Upon graduating, liberal arts majors usually find a job market that is rather arid.

Let me rephrase that. There are jobs out there. There are no jobs that list liberal arts major as a prerequisite, however. The job requirements usually will say something along the lines of having a 4 year degree.  After filing out countless job applications, it seems to me that having a degree simply lets you in to fill out the application. They are not going to hire you based on anything to do with your degree. If they don’t see it on there though, they will flat out reject you.

So, what do they want? Don’t they want someone smart who may improve the status quo? Nope. If this were the case, I would have a job. What most companies want is someone who follows directions. Even better if the hire has prior experience and can just be plugged into the system with little in the way direction.

I spent a number of hours perfecting my resume. I found a job that sounded interesting and proceeded to the company website. It required creating a username and password. Once logged in, I uploaded my resume thinking this might speed the process up a little bit. Nope.

I clicked next and the site wanted to know my name, address, and phone number.

I clicked next again. It wanted to know if I had graduated from any schools.

I clicked next again. It wanted me to fill out my employment history for the last 10 years. It also requested that I point out and explain any gaps in employment.

Side Note

Now, think for a moment. Why would they give two shits if you had a period where you went unemployed to reanalyze your life and, God forbid, relax a little. Well, every time I’m explaining month long gaps in employment spent chilling at the parent’s house, I cannot help but think they are really wanting you to reassure them that you are the whore they want. They want someone so desperate to support their families and themselves that they won’t be leaving if hired, even if they are paid very little for really hard work. They don’t want a whore that can suck a dick when he or she chooses. They want someone who HAS to suck the corporate dick.

I sat there thinking what the fuck. Are they fucking kidding me? I have filled out god knows how many of those applications only to get a mass reject letter emailed back. After a while, it becomes no longer worthwhile to even fill it out.

They don’t give a shit about finding the brightest individuals for their companies. If they did, they would make it easy to apply for a job. Instead, it is one roadblock after another. No one actually looks at what is entered until they filter out most of the applicants. When they do look at it,  it is unlikely they look too deeply into it.  They most certainly don’t call your references. If they do,  it is rare.

Now, maybe I am a little crazy;  I will give you that.  But what is stopping the masses of society who are fully capable of performing a certain job but may lack the exacting prior experience from bullshitting their resumes with the current corporate world? Who does it harm?  If they get the job and perform it well, good for them. If they get it and bomb, they can always claim it wasn’t a good fit.

What’s the worst that could happen? They find out and fire you. Screw them anyways.

There have been some high profile college football coaches that have lost their jobs after lying on their resumes. I think it is ridiculous that they were fired. If they could do the job, let them stay.

Higher Education

Do you like irony? Here’s a good dose of it. Our institutions of higher education offer free education to highly touted recruits to play football. That’s the equivalent of giving someone a fishing pole at a lake as it slowly drains.

The players sustain head (brain) injuries that often lead to headaches, loss of memory, and down the road dementia. But it’s a tradition, and people get so much joy from watching the games. Plus, the players are compensated by their education.

HA! That’s a joke.

Traditions mean nothing. Slavery was tradition. Then, eventually, we ended the practice. After some time, we could look back and realize how cruel our society was/is.

But, all the alumni love the football games. That’s wonderful and all. But you cannot subject 17 year old boys to play a sport that negatively affects his life down the road for your enjoyment today.

While players are not paid, the coaches are paid quite handsomely. In fact, across the nation, with a few exceptions, the highest paid state employees are either the basketball or football coach.

You may have seen that American scores in math and science have been slipping. Why might this be? Is it our lazy kids or poor education system? Or could it be our colleges making a priority out of being a major source of sports entertainment?